Caesar Bacon Wedge Salad

Craving a Salad?

Try this 5 ingredient classic iceberg wedge salad for lunch, as a side salad for dinner or make  for parties

Iceberg Lettuce

Caesar Salad Dressing

Bacon Crumbles

Parmesan Cheese

Cracked Pepper

Caesar Salad ingredients

Start with the 



Remove the outer leaves from the lettuce

Cut the lettuce in half through the core

Cut the  Lettuce Wedges

Cut the halves into quarters

Slice the bacon in strips then dice

Cook the diced bacon in a skillet

How to  fry the bacon

Drain the cooked bacon on paper towels

Top the lettuce wedges with  salad dressing


Sprinkle the wedges with parmesan cheese


Top the lettuce  wedge with crumbled bacon and cracked pepper


Enjoy this knife and fork salad

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