Apricot Cherry Upside Down Cake

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Upside Down Cake

A cake batter poured over fruit, brown sugar and butter.

When done turn the cake over on a platter and serve!


Fresh fruit is the best

Thick Brush Stroke

The Recipe

Brown sugar White sugar  Butter Apricots Cherries

 Eggs  AP flour  Salt  Baking powder  Vanilla  Milk


Slice the apricots and pit the cherries

Make the glaze

Add  butter and the sugars to an iron skillet

The melted glaze

Add the fruit

Add the sliced apricots in the center

Add the cherries around the apricots

Time for the mixer

Mix the cake batter

Mix the cake batter

Cover the fruit with the batter and bake

Bake and Flip

The baked cake

Turn the cake upside down on a platter and serve

Slice and serve warm..it's so good!

Thanks for joining me today