Pear Puff Pastry Appeziers

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Be pre..peared for


—A tasty bite-sized pastry

Need an easy appetizer?

These pear pinwheels are sweet and savory

They bake up golden brown and crunchy


Puff Pastry Pear Cheese Cranberries Pistachios Rosemary Egg

Prepare the filling

Slice and dice the pear

Chop the cranberries, pistachios and rosemary

Shred the asiago cheese

Slice ~ Dice & Shred

Then bake

Sprinkle filling over dough

Roll up like a jelly roll

Fill~Roll & Slice

Cut into 1/2" slices and bake

Making pinwheels is fun

Baked Pear Pinwheel Appetizers

A delicious party bite

Try these savory Apricot Parmesan Cheese Pinwheels

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