Strawberry Shortcakes

No Bake

Hallelujah for no bake desserts!

Try this easy dessert made with everyone’s favorite berry. This recipe is a twist on the classic strawberry shortcake No-oven required!

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7 simple ingredients


Fresh strawberries Poundcake Sugar Cornstarch Lime Nutmeg Whipping cream

Make a quick strawberry sauce with berries, sugar, nutmeg and cornstarch

Mash the strawberries for the sauce

Cut the poundcake into cubes

Mix the heavy cream and strawberry sauce to make the whipped cream


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Add a tablespoon of strawberry sauce to the glass

Alternate sliced strawberries and cake cubes

Top with strawberry sauce & whipped cream

Top with a lush red strawberry  & lime zest

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Thanks for joining me today...Jere'