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Grilled Cheese with Strawberries

A sweet little dessert sandwich made with pound cake, mascarpone, lemon curd, and strawberries.
Course Dessert
Servings 7
Author Jere @OneHotOven


  • 1 frozen pound cake - 10.75 oz package
  • 8 oz container mascarpone cheese
  • 1 small jar lemon curd
  • Strawberries - 1 pint
  • 1 small jar strawberry jam
  • 1/3 cups softened butter


  • Set the pound cake out to defrost
  • Pre-heat the grill and place your griddle or pizza stone on the grill top to heat.
  • Cut the pound cake into 1/4" slices - usually you get 14 slices
  • Butter both sides of the pound cake slices.
  • Rinse and pat dry the strawberries.Slice enough berries to cover the sandwiches.
  • Mix 1/3 cup of mascarpone with 2 tablespoons of lemon curd

Grilling the Pound Cake

  • Place the buttered pound cake slices on your griddle or pizza stone
  • Once the slices are browned on the bottom flip over and brown the other side.
  • Remove cooked slices to a plate

Making the Sandwiches

  • Spread one side of the pound cake slice with the lemon and mascarpone cheese
  • Spread another pound cake slice with strawberry jam
  • Lay the sliced strawberries on top of the mascarpone slice then cover with the strawberry jam slice.
  • These are little sandwiches but it looks nice to cut them on the diagonal for serving.
  • These sandwiches can be plastic wrapped and stored in the refrigerator for several days.