Jalapeno Popper Pinwheel Appetizers


Did you know that  jalapenos are a fruit?

These peppers are moderatly hot

For the most flavor and spiciness get a jalapeno with the cracks

This is called corking

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Tortillas Cream Cheese Cheddar Cheese Bacon Jalapenos Oil Chili Powder Cumin

Let's make these  spicy tortilla rolls

Fry & Slice

Fry the bacon until crispy

Slice and chop the jalapenos

Spread & Top

Spread the cream cheese

Top the tortilla with the filling

Roll & Bake

Roll the tortillas

Brush the rolls with spiced oil then bake

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Bake the pinwheels  for 15 minutes then slice  and enjoy!

Appetizers Pinwheels

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